“I loved your show, very much. You were so funny that you almost made me pee in my pants. My dad and I are the funny ones in the family and if I learn some of the jokes you did in the cafeteria, I will totally make my family laugh their heads off. My favorite part is when you took out the huge drinking straw from the paper bag. Thank you for everything.”
– Milagros, Elementary School Kid

“I can’t thank you enough for making Henry’s 8th birthday a huge success!  All the kids, parents and grandparents had such a great time and they are still talking about how funny you guys were and what a great idea it was to have you as the entertainment!  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!”
– Stachowicz Family

“You guys were so awesome!!! Thank you so much… It was such a pleasure to work with you!  I can’t say enough about how much you are loved at our school.  If there is ever anything we can do for you, please ask!!!!Tonight was such a success— you tied everything together perfectly!!! Thanks again!”
– Stephanie, PTA Parsley Elementary School

“Thank you so much for being so gracious and doing a show for us at Childcare Network.  That is all the children could talk about when they got back to school.  They want to do another one next week.  But I think it will have to be next summer. Can’t wait to see what you will have in store next time! Thanks again.”
– Jennifer, Child Care Network Director

“Last night’s event was absolutely fascinating and magical.  You did a fabulous job. The audience was captivated. Congratulations on such a memorable evening!”
– Sharon, Audience member

“I enjoyed your show and was flattered by the stupendous magic tricks you performed. I also liked the hilarious things you guys said and did during the  show, which always made me burst into laughter. I hope I can see your marvelous show again someday. Ahoy, me mateys! Fairwell!”
– Adrian, Elementary School Kid

“I always love the music of a good symphony, but you know, what struck me as the most impressive thing about that show in particular is that you managed to captivate an audience of people of varying ages without uttering a word.  It is quite difficult to appeal to such a vast range of ages to begin with, but to direct the audience and entertain them with only your movements, the music and visual illusions….well that is amazing.” 
– Daylene, Audience member attending a live symphony/magic show

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my daughter’s birthday party such a huge success. It was truly awesome!  One of my friends said that it was the best birthday party she’d ever been to, that includes adult and kid parties! We’ll see you on the lawn again this time next year…”
– Johnson Family

“I can not tell you how many kids I heard saying, “That was the Best Show Ever!” They loved you! And I think the parents felt the same way. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful show, and thank you for working within our budget. You guys were the highlight of the evening.”
– Julia, PTA Forest Hills Elementary