Michael Rosander is a full-time Professional Magician and the founder of No Sleeves Magic & No Sleeves Magic Camp. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. Rosander became fascinated with the art of magic at the age of five when his great grandfather showed him his first magic trick. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away shortly after, and it wasn’t until high school that Rosander’s intrigue for magic would be revived. At the age of 17, Rosander began working at Tweetsie Railroad, a theme park in Blowing Rock NC, and he was given his own outdoor show, where he was a con man who could make it rain. On days it would really rain, his job was pointless, so the theme park asked him to create a back-up plan. As luck would have it, there was a face painter there who knew a few magic tricks, and he passed those along to Rosander. Rosander quickly began to research, practice and perform walk-around magic. Soon, a friend of the family asked Rosander to come and perform at the restaurant they owned in the area. Rosander, not having a clue what to wear, threw on a nice pair of pants and a t-shirt and started showing off some of his tricks. After accomplishing several sleight of hand illusions, people kept asking, “How did you do that? You aren’t wearing sleeves!” And the name of the company was born – No Sleeves Magic. From then on, it was always a point to do magic that made people have to think twice.

top-right (1)During college Rosander began to realize that there were certain components of magic, especially for children, which lacked some powerful elements of theatre. This inspired him to write his focus thesis on developing a new performance style that combined the storytelling art of Theatre with Magic. Having never seen a magic show, Rosander started creating a two-man show with his best friend, Myke Holmes, about a magician and his overgrown rabbit, a “magic experiment gone wrong.”  Rosander was able to book a show for an elementary school, and this performance was met with rave reviews. Word quickly spread about this new “Magic Play”. Upon college graduation, the Chancellor gave Rosander the prestigious “Man of the Year” award for his achievements at the university and in the community.  That same year, Rosander launched No Sleeves Magic Camp, to inspire children not only in theatre and magic, but also in life.

Currently, Rosander and his magical acting troupe, No Sleeves Magic, travels and performs for thousands of people each year. No Sleeves Magic has been recognized as Wilmington’s Favorite Family Entertainer several years in a row, and No Sleeves Magic Camp has won the title of Best Camp in Wilmington, NC! Rosander is currently excited about bring the excitement of No Sleeves Magic Entertainment and Camp to a city near you!